October 20, 2014

Antonio Bigfoot SilvaAntonio Silva working with Wrestlers to prepare for Cain Velasquez

In MMA, only one person has defeated Cain Velasquez. However, as a former wrestler, Cain Velasquez suffered several losses in high school and college.

One of those that defeated him, former University of Iowa and Oklahoma State University standout Steve Mocco, has been brought in by Antonio Silva to help him prepare for Velasquez.

Antonio Silva vs Cain Velasquez will serve as the co-main event for UFC 146 later this month from Las Vegas. In the main event, Junior dos Santos will defend his title against Alistair Overeem.

After Alistair Overeem was caught on the doping test for steroids use, UFC was obligated to make some changed on May 26th card, on the United States. Heavyweight champion, Junior “Cigano” dos Santos is now fighting Frank Mir, while Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, initially paired up against Roy Nelson, is fighting Cain Velasquez.

On an interview with TATAME, the heavyweight commented about the replacement and how it affected his preparation for the bout below.

“I was really glad about the opportunity. It’s my UFC debut and they are giving me a chance to fight one of the top two guys of the division, a former champion. I have two and a half weeks ahead of me and I guarantee it’s going to be a good fight”, said the heavyweight fighter.

Questioned about the changes on his trainings with his opponent replaced, the Brazilian affirmed he needed to bring two wrestlers to help him out, besides some strikers.

“I brought a couple of wrestlers to help me out. One of them (Steve Mocco) fought Cain Velasquez three times in high school and defeated him every single one. He’s spending a couple of weeks here to give me tips and tell me why I should worry about Cain Velasquez”, said.

“He’s a good guy. He’s very strong, about the same height as Cain and has a lot of experience for having fought him before. It’s a great thing for me. There’re some strikers coming to support me too, like Mark Hunt, who’s being really helpful. There’s Thiago Silva, who’s a great helping hand at this point”.

Besides fighting for the first time in the UFC, Bigfoot might be close to a title shot on the organization. “I’m focused on Cain Velasquez”, dodges Antonio, whom is friends with the current champion of the division, Junior dos Santos.

Article by TATAME and Fightline


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